About Us

 We are proud to announce that Starwood Scale Models is under new ownership and will continue to supply the R/C community with all of your favorite Len Mount designed fuselages and parts. Starwood Scale Models will also be the Gulf Coast distributor for JAKADOFSKY turbine engines. The industry leader in scale model Turbo Shaft Turbine Engines. 

Starwood Scale Models specializes in scale helicopters that are the exact replica of the original helicopter. Whether you are looking for a new project to get started or a new accessory to add to one of your helicopters, we has the experience and drive to provide you with the right equipment to get you pointed in the right direction. Even within scale helicopters there are many levels that modelers can enjoy depending on their building skills, available time for their hobby, size of the model and the amount of detail that they want to add to the model.

As the new Starwood factory is gearing up for production, we ask for your patience's. Our goal is to continue offering that great customer service the late Al Wert provided over the last decade.

Thank you for your trust and support,

Eric Babineaux, Owner

Starwood Scale Models

Broussard, Louisiana


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