Scale Rivet Kit

Scale Rivet Kit
Scale Rivet Kit Scale Rivet Kit
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Easily create scale and authentic rivets on any scale model. Kit includes: 6 Small Needle Tips, 6 Medium Needle Tips, 6 Large Needle Tips, 4 Adjustable Size Glue Tips, 4 Syringe Caps, 1 Bottle of Rivet Material (2 ounces)

Like all other aspects of scale detailing, applying rivets has been a daunting task over the years. I have spent considerable time trying the molded rivets, decal rivets, painted rivets but each different type has its own problems. While each will do the job with enough work, I wanted a faster and simpler method to apply rivets. We are not the first company to market a rivet kit using a syringe method but I have not seen a kit of this kind for a long time.


The surface should be clean, dry and primed. Using a flexible ruler found in most office supply stores, draw panel lines in pencil along the fuselage and any hatches, windows, service openings or component flanges. After filling one syringe with rivet material, experiment with the medium needle tip with different amount of pressure to form the desired size of rivet and the spacing on scrap cardboard. Its simple if you have some full scale documentation to compare your rivet work to the full scale.

Once happy, start in one section at a time and go at it, if you make a mistake just wipe the bad rivets away with your finger and start over. Its that simple. Syringes, tips and caps clean up easily with soap and water. Kit includes enough material for 4 large models.

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